Presse⎪Projection à l’Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad – 2016

Projection de Deha Vānī à l’Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad


Citation de l’article On a (Gujarati) Song d’Ahmedabad Mirror :

Sometimes, just sometimes, it takes a third person to show us the beauty which we miss. And this time, it is visual artist David Ayoun from France who has shot Gujarat’s countryside and made it into a short film. In conversation with Mirror at Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad — where the film, Deha Vani, will be screened this evening at 7 pm — the artist tells us his story from the beginning. Ayoun chose Gujarat’s Jaspur village on the banks of Mahi river near Vadodara. “This movie has no dialogues, there are only songs that narrate the story. The whole movie has Gujarati folk songs with French subtitles,” said Ayoun, adding “I have written a song in French, which has been translated into Gujarati.”
It all started when I saw a photographic portrait of a member of tribe ‘Ramnami’. His body was covered with tattoos. That left an indelible mark on me and I was curious know the community’s story. I didn’t know what the meaning of the photograph, but it definitely inspired me to make a movie. I was fascinated to hear the tales of this “untouchable” community and their struggles for freedom. It took me six months to put Deha Vani together. It has been produced by Le Fresnoy National studio of Contemporary Arts, France.
They were extremely friendly people. My team and I were there for only for two-three weeks, but they treated us so well. The biggest help they did to us is opening their doors of their village to let us in. They are very poor, but are rich in enthusiasm! I couldn’t learn much, but I could kind of understand what they were trying to say.


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