November 2020 — online diffusion — Le Fresnoy

Deha Vānī – The Voice of the Body (2014) is broadcast in free access from November 30 to December 06, 2020, as part of the online program Open Canal 2 — Semaine #5 | Esprit es-tu là ? offered by Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains.

Week # 5 | Spirit are you there?
Embark this week for an imperceptible world; that of the spirit, freed from the material body, it wanders most often, takes the appearance of a specter, a shadow, a mirage and sometimes tries to come into contact with us, even if it means taking possession of our own body. It is an inaudible, invisible, almost elusive universe but which, as long as we are sensitive to it, seems on precious and rare occasions to beckon us. These three films invite us to reconsider our understandings, our metaphysical and spiritual conceptions on the basis of fictitious or real experiences put into images by three artists.

Open Channel 2 | Presentation

Due to the health situation, Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains had to close its doors again at the beginning of November, for an indefinite period. Anxious to maintain the link with its audiences, our team is therefore relaunching Le Fresnoy | Open Canal, initiated during the first confinement, a program of short films produced at Le Fresnoy, to be viewed online. Through a new thematic program, we invite you to discover or rediscover the productions of artists who have come to us over the years.

From November 18, Open Canal will present a new program to you every week that will remain accessible until the end of 2020.

While travel is limited and some borders closed, Open Canal 2 will invite you over the next few weeks to travel to the four corners of the planet, and to the heart of philosophical, societal or intimate questions. This program will take you on a filmic and metaphorical world tour.

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